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Leave Your Legacy

The time is right to tell your personal video life story!

Storytelling is our business. Over the years we've made documentaries and television programs that highlight the lives and accomplishments of sports stars and celebrities. But what about you?

To your family and friends, you are a celebrity! 

Today, we're so fortunate to have the technology and content to craft a beautiful life documentary for people like you!

Getting Started

First, we meet to get a chance to hear your story and understand your budget. We also will want to know what kind of support materials you have, like old photos, film or video footage and the music you like. Then we set up a video shoot with you.

And finally, we go into our professional edit suite to craft your story.

Make your memories last for generations to come.


Do It Now for Forever

It's never too soon to tell your story.

Many of us have missed the chance to hear our elder's life story. Sure, others can recount what they have learned- but the most impactful, emotional and lasting way is to record your own story, telling it the way you want to be remembered for generations to come.

Affordable and Inspiring

Our background in making biographical documentaries on iconic personalities  gives us a unique approach to designing your story with video, photographs and memorability. We customize the budget to fit the extent of your project.


Get in touch to hear about our budget options and to learn more.

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