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How Erich Lyttle and Ray DeMarini founded Eray Motion Media

- Quite a Story -

After years in television production, my goal was always to  create my own films. My first film was for NIKE about the legendary Steve Prefontaine, Fire On The Track, which was noticed by Disney and Tom Cruise, resulting in two studios vying to make it into a feature film. The result was "Without Limits" and "Prefontaine". Our version became noteworthy as Let's Run Magazine dubbed it "the best running film of all time". From there I continued in the sports genre, producing and directing several original video series for ESPN.  In 1998 I discovered Ray DeMarini, a softball and baseball fanatic, who I believed was a perfect personality for a new video I was creating for ESPN on improving hitting performance. This collaboration resulted in "Ray DeMarini's Reflex Hitting System" and became the biggest ESPN How-To Video to date. Ray and I formed a special bond and created Eray Motion Media. Together we created several seasons of "Ultimate Softball" an ESPN TV series that showcased Ray's intensity, humor and dedication to the sport. Ray hatched an idea for a new bat that we promoted on the show and began to market nationwide. During this time Eray continued to produce new sports programming, especially in the more extreme sports such as snowboarding, surfing and other fringe sports. Among our productions were the Swatch World Boardercross Tour, The US Open Surfing Championships, The Burton US Open Snowboard Championships, The World of Big Game Fishing, and TV series Board Wild, Core Culture, Fusion TV and Liquid Edge. Eray teamed with Dan Wilkins' Legacy Films to produce the "docu-dram-edy" Have You Seen Clem. an original and quirky feature film about a rich man's foray into the world of homelessness winning several film festival awards. Sadly in 2001, Ray succumbed to cancer, but Eray would forge on. Since then we've produced films, features and documentaries for Nike, Lionsgate and Red Bull. Eray has also produced corporate and brand videos for a wide range of companies. 

Legacy Films

In the early 2000's Legacy Films hired me to write and direct the feature film "Have You Seen Clem". The film invented a new movie category called "A Docu-dram-edy", melding the serious issue of homelessness, with a buddy road movie and a mysterious comical character. The unique premise turned into an adventurous film creation that was ahead of the times. The film played in theaters across the nation, winning several awards.  

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